Basically, the Zeus Program consists of a sophisticated meditation suit, interconnected with an optical computer, which records thoughts and interacts through an interface. To use it requires high training in mental concentration and meditation. The trick is to increase the amount of oxygen in the neurons and induce a deep relaxation in the whole body, subjecting it to flotation in the middle of a pond containing a breathable liquid.


The objective of the program is to digitize thought, access the internal processing source code of the brain and through this achieve an interface to interconnect with the quantum intelligence foam, which modulates all information flows in the universe, producing reality from moment to moment. physics as we perceive it.


Once this phase has been achieved, civilization would have the technology to redesign matter from the quantum vacuum without limit of scale and complexity. It could both materialize an apple and a complete spaceship.


The first objective is the understanding and formulation of the principles and laws of neurobiological telepathy and its interaction with inverse digital telepathy. That is, the potential to emit and receive information from human mind to human mind, using the digital nexus as support.


The second objective is direct digital telepathy consisting of the transmission of digital information and its reception by the human neural system.


The third phase is the emission of information through concentrated brain thought, and the reception and translation of these nerve impulses into digital data, completing a digital neural interface.


The idea of the Zeus Program consists of applying advanced neurodigital technology on the psychophysical models of standard traditional meditation, with the aim of facilitating access to the internal mental experience of trance, ecstasy, samadhi or nirvana, where the mind is disconnected from the organs of the senses, of all sensory perception and of the body, breathing and heartbeat decrease to the maximum minimum and the minimum of cerebral excitation in the neurocortex is also reached.


Using this technology, the objective is that the psychonaut can dissociate the mind from his body and make psychic trips, both in time and in space, for example towards exoplanets, collecting information that can later be reprocessed. This ability also allows him to develop paranormal activity that the computer he is connected to can replicate indefinitely, creating neurotech potential of unlimited scope.


The psychonaut being interconnected with a computer that records all his brain processes, his states of consciousness are digitized and are computerized.


Upon entering a trance state and reaching a superconscious level, this is imprinted on the machine that then replicates, amplifies and reproduces it, facilitating subsequent access to the same state of consciousness.


Likewise, the ESP faculties, typical of the superconscious state, are also digitized, amplified and replicated by the machine. Being able to function in parallel with the brain or autonomously reproducing the phenomenon that produced the human mind in ecstasy.


In this way, neurotechnology will be able to reproduce anomalies such as levitation, teleportation, materializations, etc. To accomplish this feat, a digital brain entwines itself with the psychonaut during their jumps into inner Psi Gamma Space.





































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