Tomorrow it will be possible to reach metaform by replicating supernanotechnology. This new generation of nanorobots that can be mechanical or biochemical extract the replication elements from the existing nutrients in the environment and ipso facto replicate in a similar way to the process of cell mitosis.

They have a collective intelligence and software that controls and directs them. By joining and assembling each other, they can take any shape, such as tools, houses, and vehicles.

Humans interacting with this nanotechnological artificial life form can command changes, for example, they can order furniture to transform into something else or their vehicles to change shape.

Inserted at the brain level, they can interact with neurons and give them access to interconnectivity, synthetic digital telepathy and extended reality directly from the thalamus.

Another vital use of smart nanorobots is to interact with the environment, being able to decontaminate ecosystems and terraform entire exoplanets in short periods of time.












Additional Information

HUMAN-X TECHNOLOGIES is the 3rd generation body-worn microportable PC at a biodigital peripheral level. It is the product of the convergence of three existing advanced technologies: 1) Google Glass - Hololens, 2) BCI (Brain Computer Interfaces), 3) Synthetic Digital Telepathy. The result is a cranial, lens-like device that allows mental commands over microchip processing, supporting virtually unlimited applications and functions.

Due to the fact that during its use the brain is neurostimulated to enter the alpha wave frequency and greater coherence between both hemispheres, the subject experiences an increase in their average IQ and an intensification of their concentration and memory capacity. Likewise, the device replaces the cell phone. The systematic and constant processes of miniaturization of the hardware components, especially in the case of chips and HD, or rigid memory, decreasing the sizes and increasing the storage and processing capacity of data; now make this 3rd technological revolution possible. Through Human-X it will be possible to control the functions of the home, car and work, ordering everything with mental commands.

In its most advanced phase, the device supports the remote control of the quantum energy tides of the entire solar system.

We are trying the link, the physical connection between the silicon chip, for the moment, and the neurons, the dendrites and the axons. The idea is interconnection. We have made some significant progress through several converging paths. It has even been experimented with the biological reaction of the neuron with the connection terminals of the chips. In some experiments it has been seen that neurons integrate with them. Somehow they are sensitive to structures capable of processing and storing information. They keep an intrinsic similarity and tend to communicate, establish interconnection bridges, naturally. In other words, neurons react.

Another concept of neurodigital interconnectivity is through electroencephalographic sensors attached externally to the skull to transmit EEG waves captured and interpreted by the microprocessor, in what is called Synthetic Digital Telepathy. It is a more advanced, less invasive principle.

The idea of the final previous paragraph is still more advanced. He says that if we can understand the invisible interconnection pathways between two or more brains, which we interpret as telepathic links, brain processing can supplant microprocessor processing. why? Because the brain is also a quantum super-processor complex and not just neural in 3rd D. Also in 4th D.

At this quantum level, brain intelligence can process potentially infinite loads of data on a multidimensional scale. This is the starting hypothesis or thesis. If this is so, then it is not necessary to use the chip as an auxiliary or supplementary data processing bridge, it is directly possible to replace the chip with all networked human brains.

To understand the idea a little more: A computer in its architecture dialogues with its peripherals and feeds back its inputs through them. An external action-reaction loop is established-internal-external or vice versa. Now, the concept that we are analyzing predicts that we can interconnect all the digital peripherals directly to the human brain and this, without the help of a microprocessor, can process all the data.

Is this impossible? Theoretically no. If the brain is a machine for processing data and it does so at different speeds or frequencies, it may have a higher level of processing than imagined. What is the key factor for this transcendental technology? Better understand the essence of the mind, its structure.

Observe that the mind is an integral process, that it is not splittable. When we say there is information in a library, on the internet, in the very structure of matter, we think that this accumulated knowledge is outside of ourselves.

We do not reflect that outside is inside of our own internal mental essence. And that the human brain has the naturally developed capacity to establish the correct interconnections that allow this direct perception. That is, the input and the enter. Again: fascinating.

Light Orifice, Human-X's operating system, is capable of co-processing at the pure quantum level and directly dialogue with the Cosmic Quantum Mind or Pure Quantum Information. In the light of the thesis that is presented here, the microprocessor of this new operating system is ourselves, all our human brains interconnected in a network.

However, this level of new knowledge requires assistance from NASA's top-level scientific staff and working cooperatively with corporations the likes of Microsoft. Together with the healthy action of modifying the global socioeconomic and political system. If we don't do this in parallel, we fall into a trap, into a dead end of our future evolution.

why? Because it is total power and if it falls into few hands, it will be the end of human freedom. It must be able to be freely used by everyone. And, to achieve this objective, our life system must first change direction.

The Total Power that Transcendental Technology (TT) allows, does not allow access to the condition of the human creature in its current phase of evolution, that is to say, of slave social organization. The irrational logic of the order subjected to the benefit of accumulating money, in a few hands, is a level much lower than that required for the correct use of TT.

Humanity must choose to change positively. If you do not, you will not be allowed access to this higher knowledge. From the point of view of God Consciousness, Cosmic Unified Consciousness or Higher Intelligence more evolved in some part of the immense cosmos, a destructive species such as humans must not reach such power and this must be avoided at any cost, including complete destruction. of said race and its world.

These concepts related to TT do not appear spontaneously, they are correlated with the latest advances in science and technology. The human being is invading Sacred Territory and has attracted the attention of the presence of a non-human, extraterrestrial or divine Higher Intelligence if you will, for that matter.

The human being and his civilization of him grew inside a bubble, coinciding with the border of the solar system that Planet Earth occupies, his receptacle of him. Such a bubble allowed for differential causal laws, an exception on a cosmic scale. A toning down of Law of Karma. This allowed for greater choice and greater complexity in neurocerebral development. This bubble broke and the Law conditions in the entire cosmos now begin to modify the reaction returns in the terrestrial field of existence and reality.

New external conditions have appeared that force a greater correct internal adaptation. And opening the door to time travel and experimenting with the Higgins boson forced a careful observation about the potential of human nature for equilibrium or its collective inability to achieve it.

By themselves, all human beings and living beings are time travelers, and jump from one moment of relative existence to another, going through waves of absolute existence, but they do so within constant sequential coordinates, which is why they interpret the phenomenon as natural.

Starting from the step of the ordinary waking consciousness of the human being, the structuring order is rearranged through interactions regulated by principles adjusted to increasing scales. Field theory, supersymmetries, Einsteinian relativity, allow new relationships with the dynamics of time, superstrings, and multidimensional wormholes.

That is to say, life grows from a simple structure towards the total complexity possible, according to a previously given external order and with which it constantly interacts, adapts and adapts it; that is, it returns the adjustment and mutation pressure. How do you return it? the human being fully developed it is capable of interacting with time. This concept is more advanced than simple translation or time travel. If human thought manages to connect with the temporal strings, it can interact with the totality of its flows. Yo como? Through intelligent quantum computing.

What is the substance of the mind? Consciousness and this is pure thought, which is transformed into matter in order to manifest itself as intelligence. And what is the law of thought? Constancy, that is, inertia or concentration. All thought exists insofar as it is probable that it exists, and because it is, it can be sustained.

What else do you need? A physiology of pure quantum inertia. Yo como? Through the temporal cords. It is not space that is rolled up and twisted, it is time. The dimensionality of space exists, in terms of time. This is so because of the property of reversibility and not of irreversibility of time. This condition of reversibility, of indefinite mutation, is what allows the emergence of spatial coordinates.

Therefore, the Big Bang is a phenomenon of time expansion and not space expansion. What evolves retrogradatively is time and not space. What then is time? The high-frequency excitation of imaginary waves of pure quantum particles, self-contained by the vacuum singularity prior to the first expansion, pre-Big Bang.

The human brain, somewhere in its evolutionary path, transferred the simple perceptual computation of action-reaction to a higher dimension. At this level, I have developed software where the self is projected and coexists in parallel. Its activity contributes to the formation of the ordinary waking state of consciousness, it can be said that the final perceptual state, the final adjustment that the human brain makes to perceive and interpret the reality of the external world, is a result of processing in this reality or virtual, internal neurocerebral plane.

The parallel processing capacity, within a virtual reality environment, explains the dynamics of dreams. When the human subject sleeps, what happens is that the ordinary waking llevel of consciousness is disconnected and the focus of attention descends to an immediately lower level, that of the internal mental software, its virtualized reality processing field.

By interrupting the connection with the flow of perceptual motor information, which turns on the layer of external consciousness, in contact with material reality, the conscious submerges towards its own internal layers and energy consumption is saved, which is reused in completing repair and completion functions of higher levels of mnemonic processing. In other words, the higher processing functions require more energy.

When we really think, that is, the mind goes deeper into the data, compares and synthesizes, is when we find ourselves in the zone of our virtualized internal reality.

This virtualized reality is the nexus for functions and operations above the levels of ordinary material perception. If the telepathic flow exists, such language is decoded at the level of virtual reality, below the externalized conscious. Yogi concentration and meditation manages to penetrate this layer and control it consciously, hence its amplified perceptions, because in internal virtual reality, there are no objective or material limitations.

The same relationship or jump occurs between the reality field of the hardware and the software. Furthermore, within this area of the conscious or brain processing sublayers, there is the potential for telepathic brain networking. And being a virtual universe, it is at this level where parallel worlds exist.

REMOTE CONTROL OF THE SOLAR FIELD, it is possible through Human-x phase IV to exercise remote control over the tides of quantum energy exchanges, gravitons, neutrinos, neutrons, photons and time and space fluctuations of the entire solar system, coupling synthetic digital telepathy software and virtual reality internal cerebral quantum computing system, with the satellite hardware installed and emitting electromagnetic pulses and precise quantum oscillations, in order to mentally or cerebral control all the exchange tides between matter and energy of the solar complex of our stellar system.

This super technology can eventually be used as a defensive weapon in the event of a hostile alien intrusion towards Earth.

AIH (Artificial Intelligence Human), Human-X supports an interface through its synthetic digital telepathy system to splice the brain's synaptic circuitry directly with AI processing and data. Human-X is a non-invasive multi-use 3rd generation cranial device.




















































































































Additional Information

About the potential of voluntarily connecting with cosmic intelligence, I remember a personal experience... "I was visiting the Federal Capital, Buenos Aires, I was 18 years old and I was curious about an exhibition at the Planetarium. I went to see it: at the entrance a piece of a meteorite was exhibited..., at that time my ecstasies were almost uncontrollable and it happened that when I touched the stone, I received a shock in my memory.My bodily sensations disappeared and the city completely vanished, I could see how the object was rushing towards Earth, I could extend my gaze to any part of the globe and see its forms of life at that time, I saw the planet surrounded by other constellations and, a quarter of a distance from the center of the Milky Way, clearly I saw cities of developed intelligence.

Incredibly, the meteorite, with a large proportion of iron inside, served as a kind of virtual telescope. In the vibration of its atoms were the traces of the light that struck it millions of years ago, as it wandered silently through interstellar space.

In the envelope of its electrons and in the infinitesimal deviations of its subparticles, the information contained in the different frequencies of the stellar light that had come to impact and even pass through it had been recorded, and this complexity of memory imprinted on matter had survived intact for millions of years, without being erased or modified by the terrestrial electromagnetic field and other influences.

Incredibly, the stone retained the memory of the ripples of light, trapped like traces in the tensions of its subspace atomic and subatomic geometry.

A simple alien rock, half a meter in diameter, contained an intelligent cosmic memory record, ready to be downloaded into the mind...".

It was not just a physical experience, but the contact of conscious individual memory with the memory of starlight stored in an inert object.

That is to say, matter is still impregnated with intelligent memory of light, the subspace geometry of its atomic and subatomic structure, acts as the human subconscious memory, an archive of the mutations of existence.

The pulsations or frequencies of light transport very high densities of data on physical reality at the quantum level, constituting a holographic encoding of spatio-temporal content. The passage of light frequencies between intensely grouped atoms, such as iron nuclei, create alignments on their electroweak fields, leaving traces of aligned and localized symmetries, a fabric of quantum fields that are related to each other, that is, between the meteorite and space. traversed during their pre-collision trajectory, which create given geometric relationships in the geometry of subatomic space.

In this sense, the interactions of a present time, existing in a defined coordinate, are imprinted in quantum geometry and the aeonic accumulation of this process creates curvature trends in space and an infinitesimal reduction of the infinite potential of possibilities of new curvatures.

At a higher level, there are the high frequencies of the thoughts of our Eternal Father, which remain constant, a force that expands Creation, multiplies it, sustains it and resonates through it. Through intuition, myriads of civilizations interpret reality by connecting internally with the source of cosmic thoughts, which is always constant.

During the experience I was able to observe another highly advanced civilization, millions of years ago, in another part of the Milky Way galaxy and now extinct.

In nanoseconds the knowledge and technology of this other intelligent life form penetrated and was imprinted in my mind. Weeks later, back home and meditating, I again perceived that enormous mass of knowledge.

I felt disoriented and overwhelmed, so I prayed to the Divine Mother and heard her tell me internally “concentrate and the information you received will slow down”.

I saw all kinds of devices, circuits and programming, but I did not understand anything, because my mind was not trained for this knowledge. Immersed in concentration, I decided to telepathically connect with the fittest minds on the planet, so that they could develop this alien technology, and I transmitted the information directly to their brains, so that it would then gradually download.

This occurred during the year 1974. And this fact is related to advances in digital technologies and artificial intelligence. Prior to this, I conceived the assembly of the Human-X technologies so that the human peripherals, that is, the perceptive and digital organs, could merge into the same operating system under the control of the human mind and thus avoid future conflict with AI, constantly absorbing it into our conscious being. Now, in the third decade of the 21st century, it is possible to advance in this goal, since the necessary parts are already developed or imminently to be developed.



















































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