Union Make Force

The MayDay team is working to soon be able to offer web hosting and web design services to all interested NGOs, with the right to use our updated database for online publication.

In this way we can all join the solidarity principle of "Union Make Force" and work cooperatively for a better, more equitable and happy world.

You will enjoy the double subdomain option in your.ngo.Mayday.Live or register your own domain or transfer it to our servers.

Solidarity Sales

By contracting our services, our online e-commerce system is automatically incorporated into the predesigned web template and the owner obtains important percentages for each purchase made through his subdomain or domain.

It also has support marketing technology and online SEO, to carry out e-mail marketing campaigns and search engine positioning.

We encourage our clients to partner with GlobalGiving.Org for fundraising through personalized and professional pages.

Tell your story in a clear and compelling way and invite your donors to donate in any way they want. Whether they donate once or monthly, your followers can donate using over 10 secure payment methods.

Access to Corporate Associations

85% of nonprofits benefit from donations and grants from companies like Ford, Microsoft, Google, Facebook, TripAdvisor, and over 190 others!

Training + Support For Your Level

Join one of our webinars, training academies, or workshops. Or delve into our training library, schedule a one-on-one phone consultation, or arrange a GlobalGiving team site visit!Powerful tools

Engage your donors with thank you notes, fundraising requests, and project reports. Use our analysis reports and feedback to learn and improve your fundraising.

Additional financing

In 2020, matching offers, additional awards, corporate partnerships, and marketing efforts generated $34 million in additional funds.

Credibility + Visibility

GlobalGiving maintains a four-star Charity Navigator rating, BBB accreditation, and GuideStar Platinum certification.

Fiscal benefits

Please appeal to donors in the US and UK who may receive tax benefits in their country for donating to your project, even if you are not based in those countries.

Disaster Support

If a major disaster strikes your community, we've got your back. Local organizations are key to disaster relief, so we'll raise funds on their behalf and give out grants within days of the event.

Help when you need it

Our teams in the US, UK, India, Mexico and China are ready to support you and your donors.

Peer learning

Learn and grow with the support of your peers and the GlobalGiving team.






































Logo post. Possibility of participating in digital mega-business units

Increased processing power

1 GB of storage

1 databases

Unmetered Bandwidth

Daily backups

Install WordPress for free with just one click

SSL certificate

One-click domain name setup.

More than 150 free applications with a single click.

Link your site to your domain name.

Access to free applications to create CMS sites (WordPress, Joomla, Woocomerce), forums and blogs.

Custom mail

Free templates.

Choice of web template in Template Monster or Allwebco for an extra cost.

Participation priority in digital mega-business units.



With 2% of the GDP, 17,000 children per day who die due to lack of vaccination, medical treatment and malnutrition can be saved.

It will be possible to adequately feed the more than 800 million who are now hungry and alleviate extreme poverty throughout the world.

30 billion new trees will be planted per year and CO2 will be captured.

The entire fleet will be replaced by hydrogen and electric engines and an elevated urban train system.

The energy matrix will be replaced by fusion reactors.

An Eco Planetary Coalition Government will be implemented, controlled under a system of Global Direct Digital Democracy.

These proactive transformations are possible if we all push, cooperate and push globally at the same time.


































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